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Team (1997)


1976 Canadian Mixed Five Pin Bowling ChampionsThe team was formed during the Saskatoon five-pin bowling trials and went on to achieve a remarkable record of 24 straight victories while winning the Saskatchewan and Canadian mixed team championships. It was the first year that match play, instead of total pin fall, was used to decide provincial and national titles.

In the Saskatchewan playoffs held at the Saskatoon King George lanes, Saskatoon won 14 straight matches and rolled a total pin fall of 17,795. The big guns were Rob Trotchie, who had 3,935, the best total in any team division, Shirley Quayle, who had 3,676, and Bernie Gilmour who had 3,656.

In the Canadian playoffs held at the Regina Bowladrome, Saskatoon won 10 straight and posted a total pin fall of 11,260. Their highest-scoring effort was 1,138 over British Columbia. In a game against Northern Ontario, Jerome Rak threw a 388 and Shirley Quayle played a pinch-hitting role with 125 for the final three frames. Their nearest rivals were British Columbia, whose record was six wins and four losses.

Saskatoon totals during the Canadian playoffs were Jerome Rak, 2,324 for 99 frames; Ethel Morris, 2,173 for 100 frames; Rob Trotchie, 2,145 for 96 frames; Shirley Quayle, 1,996 for 89 frames; Jerry Ash, 1,445 for 57 frames; Bernie Gilmour, 942 for 48 frames; and Mary Green, 235 pins for 12 frames.

Marion Taylor was the coach of the team, her first national win as a coach after twice winning the women's singles and once appearing on a women's championship team.

Top row: Jerry Ash, Bernie Gilmour, Mary Green, Ethel Morris
Bottom row: Shirley Quayle, Jerome Rak, Marion Taylor (Coach), Rob Trotchie