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Canadian Fire Fighter's Curling Champions

1971 Doug Wyatt TeamDoug Wyatt skipped his Saskatchewan team to a second straight Canadian Fire Fighters' curling championship, and his third victory in the 12-year history of the event, in the 1971 championships at Moncton, N.B.

Wyatt was joined by Harvey Uhryniw at third, Archie Bartley at second and Max Presly at lead. It was the fourth provincial winner skipped by Wyatt, and a year later, in 1972, he would add a fifth.

The 1971 finals at Moncton turned out to be a classic western confrontation. After two days, Saskatchewan and Alberta shared the lead with 4-0 records. After four days, Saskatchewan and Manitoba were tied for the lead. And after the final draw, Saskatchewan and Manitoba shared the lead with 8-1 records.

In a sudden-death playoff, Saskatchewan beat Ernie Kovacs of Manitoba, 9-4. They broke a 2-2 tie with three on the fourth end, then gave up a single, blanked an end and put the clincher on the decision with three on the seventh. Uhryniw was voted all-star third and Presly was voted all-star lead at the national finals.

Harvey Uhryniw ** (third), Doug Wyatt (skip), Max Presly (lead), Archie Bartley ** (second)

** Deceased