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Canadian Women's Bowling Champions

In 1967, Saskatoon sent one of its strongest women's bowling teams into provincial competition. After winning the Saskatchewan title, the team of Bunny Hinch, Sarah Nykiforuk, Marion Taylor, Gerry Thompson, Shirley Quayle and Martha Caudle (spare) went to Winnipeg to take part in the Western Canadian championships. After winning the West, the team coached by Bob Price and managed by Mickey Poplack stayed in Winnipeg and took on the Eastern champions from Toronto in a 10-game series.

Saskatoon's pin fall after five games was 6,112. In the second five game set they scored 6,896 including a 1,512 in the third match. Hinch rolled her first ever 400 (a 401) in the last game. Saskatoon had defeated Toronto by 566 pins, thus avenging the loss to Toronto the year before. In the 10-game series, Hinch averaged 278.3, Nykiforuk 263.7, Taylor 255.4, Thompson 253.7 and Quayle 247.4. The total pin fall of 13,008 is a record that still stands today.

Top row: Bob Price (Coach), Sarah Nykiforuk, Shirley Quayle **, Mickey Poplack ** (Manager)
Bottom row: Martha Caudle **, Gerry Thompson, Marion Taylor **, Bunny Hinch

** Deceased