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Builder (2010)

Football, Athletics

Ron WalshRon Walsh has long been active in officiating, first serving in football in 1960 and starting in athletics in 1970. In football, he officiated in all field positions in Saskatoon, was a founding member of the Saskatchewan Amateur Football Officials Association in 1975 and was executive secretary until 2005. He was assigned to the Cam-Am Bowl in Tampa Bay in 1978 and 1979, and was one of the first two Western Canadian officials to work a Vanier Cup in 1980. He was part of Canadian junior crews until 2004. Ron was honoured with the G. Sydney Halter award presented by the Canadian Football League in 2006.

In athletics, he has been a starter at the Saskatoon and Saskatchewan levels, often at the Knights of Columbus Indoor Games, and named to five national championships. He was on the vertical jumps team at the 1983 World University Games and a starter at the 2001 world track and field championships at Edmonton.