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Builder (2006)

Martial Arts

Dwight ScheerDwight has been a leader in developing the martial arts in Saskatoon, first as a competitor, building to a fifth degree in black belt, teaching at his own school since 1966 and co-founding the Saskatoon Martial Arts Association.

Dwight was born in Fort Macleod, Alberta, and started boxing lessons at the age of eight under the tutelage of his uncle, John O'Sullivan.

His first exposure to Asian martial arts was in 1955 when he travelled to Lethbridge to learn judo. After winning his first karate tournament in Western Canada, Dwight would go on to win three black belt Western championships, 2 British Columbia grand championships and a Northwestern United States grand championship at Billings, Montana.

Dwight demonstrated his athletic ability, sometimes at meets where future movie stars, Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee, were competing. He won his first black belt in 1966 under Master O.E. Simon of the International Zen Karate-Do Association and received his second and third back belts under the same master.

Showing by example and collecting more honours, Dwight became the first martial arts club in the province to offer both Tae Kwon-Do and Karate. Dwight received his fifth degree black belt from the Western Canada Karate and Gung Fu Black Belt Association in March 1984. After receiving the equivalent rank of fifth degree under the Japanese Karate and Kempho Association, he was presented with the title of master of karate by Margie Hilbeg of the Canadian Ging Wu Gung Fu Association.

Since Dwight's martial arts school, first established in 1967, he has promoted 180 students to first degree black belt, 14 to second degree, seven to third degree and three to fourth degree. He has encouraged positive thinking, confidence and a greater sense of self-worth among his competitors. He has also developed specialized programs for school children and works with youngsters with restrictive abilities.

Dwight is proud of his Metis heritage and works with children from the White Buffalo Lodge and a Community School in Pelican Narrows. He and his son, Troy, work with competitors of all ages and his trophy collection speaks for itself. He was a co-founder of the Saskatchewan Martial Arts Association, has won awards for dedication to the sport, and a lifetime achievement honour, and his school is considered among the top 200 according to the Martial Arts Business magazine.