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Builder (1995)

Figure Skating

Andy Wilson was born in North Battleford, took an early interest in skating and formed a North Battleford pairs with Ethel Aird, with whom he would skate in the major carnivals in Regina and Saskatoon in the late 1940s.

He enjoyed the competitive nature of the sport and, in 1950 he became the president of the North Battleford Skating Club. He turned professional in 1953 and coached skating until 1974.

Andy was awarded his first judges card in 1946 and, when he moved to Saskatoon in 1958, most of his work was done in the development of skating clubs and introducing national skating tests to all clubs.

Andy decided that if competitors were going to get better, summer schools were a necessity and started the first in 1965, continuing them until 1978 when he turned over sponsorship to the Saskatoon Figure Skating Club. In Saskatoon, he was instrumental in amalgamating the Saskatoon Figure Skating Club and the Hub City Club into the ACT Club in May 1977.

A proud moment was the development of the ACT Skating rink, located in Sutherland and opened in 1978. He was the club's manager the first three years.

Figure skating has become much richer because of his involvement as a competitor, coach, clinician, judge and a volunteer.

** Deceased