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Baton Twirling

Optimist Twirling ConnectionTeammates: Casey (Berry) Napper, Stephanie (Hart) Hall, Beth Kostur, Haylee Olver, Charnalle Skjeie, Breanne Tennant and Kellie Towriss, along with their coach, Brenda Bennett, had their hearts set on representing their country at the World Baton Twirling Championships from the time they were young athletes winning accolades and awards at the Provincial and Canadian level.

From the year 2000-2005 they were at the top of their game in individual, pair and team events at the National and World Level. In 2002, with the hosting of the World Championships in Saskatoon, the athletes and their families became even more committed to see these athletes not only represent Canada in individual and pair events but in team as well.

In 2004, 6 members of this team earned the right to represent Canada inthe team division and went on to a 5th place finish at the World Championships in Japan. Then, with the addition of Beth Kostur, Saskatoon's team, called “Once Upon A Time”, vaults Canada onto the medal podium for the first time in seven years. A Bronze medal at the World Baton Championships in St. Paul, Minnesota became a memory for a lifetime for coach Brenda Bennett and team members who were at the time: Casey Berry 18, Stephanie Hart 17, Beth Kostur 22, Haylee Olver 16, Charnalle Skjeie 17, Breanne Tennant 16, and Kellie Towriss 17.