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Organization (2010)


Saskatoon Amateur Softball AssociationA variety of softball leagues have existed in Saskatoon over the past eighty years, but for the past fifty of those, the premier fast pitch league has been the Saskatoon Amateur Softball Association (SASA).

Beginning in the early 1960's with the reorganization of Softball Saskatchewan and construction of Gordon Howe Park, the SASA has focused on three programs. In the first instance, the SASA has provided an umbrella organization for junior and senior, male and female competition.

Today this includes the scheduling and administration of six divisions, as well as the operation of Gordon Howe Park, Bob Van Impe Stadium and several adjacent diamonds in Glenn Reeve Field. As a second initiative, the SASA nurtures and supports the competitive teams that participate in provincial and national competitions. Over the years SASA representatives have won over 100 provincial championships, over seventeen national titles and a large number of Western Canadian titles.

While these are notable achievements, it is in the SASA's third area of endeavour that it's most notable contributions have been made. Since 1975, the SASA has hosted ten national championships and within the last eight years two International Softball Federation world championships. These events have been financial and organizational successes with three observable results. In the first place great entertainment was provided for the entire community. Secondly, Saskatoon was promoted at the national and international level. As a final outcome, these events have helped add to the pool of experienced event volunteers in Saskatoon who willingly step forward to make the next event possible.

The softball community and the citizens of Saskatoon have been well served by the hundreds of individuals that make up the Saskatoon Amateur Softball Association.