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Organization (2018)


Saskatoon 50+ Hockey LeagueThe Saskatoon 50+ Hockey League Constitution states the League “was established in 1989 to enable players fifty years and older to continue playing hockey in a non-threatening environment, with the adopted philosophy of FUN, FITNESS and SOCIABILITY. It is intended that this foundational philosophy will serve as the governing value and therein the conduct of players, teams and others associated with this league will be judged accordingly.” The League's Constitution, Bylaws and Playing Regulations, recognize and govern by those ideals.

Bob Kinzel was one of the founding fathers and a driving force behind the establishment of the League. What started with four teams at Exhibition Stadium has now grown to twenty teams, including two teams based in the Battlefords, and over three hundred players at Schroh Arena. Until lately Bob has been directly involved in the administration of the league.

The Schroh family has also been instrumental to the development of the League because they built a one-of-a-kind facility in which each Saskatoon team has their own permanent dressing room. This is an important factor in meeting the philosophy of the Saskatoon 50+ Hockey League.

Each team plays forty-eight games. They also go on two road trips each year, on a Sunday evening, to play the teams based in the Battlefords.

The players still have an incredible passion for the sport of hockey and this League has added the social aspect that creates an environment that keeps some players on the ice well into their sixties.