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Builder (2011)

Martial Arts

Vic FerrerVicente (Vic) Ferrer was the youngest ever to be promoted to Amang Guro (Master Instructor) of Filipino Martial Arts by Grandmaster Sinana of Amang Guro Mano-Mano Brotherhood in Philippines.

Shortly afterwards, he moved to Saskatoon, began teaching Mano-Mano and Sikaran in the Saskatoon community, as well as building a personal competition record on the Prairies. Within Saskatoon, he has produced 50 certified black belts and his athletes have won at champion and grand champion levels in Western Canada.

He was awarded the Master Instructor of the year from The Society of Federated Martial Arts. He became the Master instructor and mentor to seven international champions at both the 1998 and 2010 International Sikaran championships in the Philippines. He was master instructor to three international champions at the World Martial Arts Games in Las Vegas in 2010.

He is an inductee into the Sikaran Hall of Fame Canada. Vic is now under the World Sikaran Brotherhood under the guidance of Grandmaster Geronimo and Master Jimmy Geronimo.