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Builder (1988)


James Heidt Jim Heidt became a member of the Saskatoon ski club in 1943 and after a two-year stint with the Air Force he returned to the club. All the while he was a member he helped to promote downhill and slalom skiing. In 1947, he and friends helped to enlarge the original club cabin since memberships were on the increase.

In 1950, after taking a special Canadian Ski Instructors course, Jim became Saskatchewan's first qualified downhill ski instructor. In 1963, Heidt embarked on a new venture working with other members to reconstruct the ski jump on the riverbank. Five years later a new site with more challenges for downhill and cross country skiers had to be found. The club moved to Cranberry Flats. Jim was an active member of the club until 1971 at which time the club donated all its equipment to the Canada Winter Games committee and the new mountain at Blackstrap.

** Deceased