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Jack AdilmanJack Adilman developed a strong Saskatoon presence in women's basketball, coaching and managing the Aces from 1948 until 1959, and it was his initiative that took Canadian women's basketball to new heights.

In 1958, Jack decided to bring together the best teams in Canada for the first national championship tournament. He agreed to pay all the travelling expenses and hotel costs of the visiting teams, leaving the teams to pay only for their own meals. Teams from Kitchener-Waterloo, Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver joined the Saskatoon Aces in a tournament, which was won by Vancouver Eilers.

In 1959, Jack and Bob Stayner coached the Aces to the Canadian championship, winning the right as well to represent Canada at the 1959 Pan-American Games in Chicago.

Jack's interest in sports as a young man was demonstrated on many fields. He played minor hockey. He played basketball with City Park, University of Saskatchewan Huskies, the Grads, YMCA Toilers and YMHA. He played softball with the Orphans, College Lads and managed Osler Monarchs. He bowled on Saskatoon's Western Canada men's team in 1948 and also played tennis and golf.

** Deceased