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Builder (1988)

Speed Skating

Henrietta Goplen Henrietta has been a supporter of speed skating for almost 50 years. She began skating in 1942 taking part in the girls under 12 event. From 1943 to 1948 she was city champion in her various age groups. She held indoor and outdoor titles in both Saskatchewan and Alberta. At her first Canadian meet in Sudbury in 1947 she was second overall with a silver in the 440 yards and a bronze in the 220. When Henrietta entered University, she changed her sports to basketball and volleyball.

In 1955 she returned to speed skating and won city, provincial and Western Regional championships. Her final competition was in 1981 when she won the Senior Women's championship. While she was skating, she began her administrative duties as secretary of the Lions speed skating club in 1969. She has undertaken a variety of jobs including that of club historian.

In 1974, Henrietta began working for the provincial association and has assisted with the Canada Games, the Saskatchewan Winter Games, the Canadian Speed Skating Association and Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame. She owns membership in the University Sports Wall of Fame.