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Track and Field

Evelyn Nesdole Evelyn officiated at the Olympic Games at Montreal in 1976, the British Commonwealth Games at Edmonton, Auckland and Victoria, and her long service was recognized when Athletics Canada selected her as its official of the year in 1999.

Evelyn was born in Prince Albert on February 13, 1947, and since her father was a railway man with CNR, she lived in numerous Saskatchewan communities for her first 16 years.

She played volleyball, curling, and badminton and participated in track and field at Mount Royal, where the 1964 team won the provincial volleyball championship.

She was a member of the University of Saskatchewan Huskie women's track and field team for five years, and this 1970 team won the CIAU championship.

Evelyn turned to coaching, where she coached the throwers at Holy Cross for 17 years, and to officiating where, in 1976, she was chosen to be assistant chief judge of the vertical throws at the Olympic Games in Montreal. The British Commonwealth medallions represent her officiating as chief throws judge at Edmonton in 1978, throws judge at Auckland New Zealand in 1990, and chief throws judge at Victoria in 1994.

Evelyn officiated the chief vertical jumps at the World Student Games at Edmonton in 1983.

She was part of history in 1983 at Calgary when, for the first time in Western Canada Games history, all of the referees were women.

Evelyn was referee of the throws at Canada Games in 1989 and she also judged vertical jumps at Thunder Bay in 1977 and throws at Kamloops in 1993. Evelyn also worked the 1993 world indoor championships at the Skydome in Toronto. After years of officiating indoors, she was selected honorary meet director for the 34th annual Knights of Columbus indoor Games in 1999.

She has served on the Saskatchewan Track and Field board of directors, the Sask Sport board of directors, was program chairperson for the Saskatchewan Youth academy and for the last seven years, held different portfolios with the officials committee of Athletics Canada.