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Don GalloTriathlon in Saskatchewan starts with Don Gallo.

Gallo is a native of Hartford who liked to watch the Hawaiian Ironman on ABC's Wide World of Sports. After he moved to Saskatoon, and with an interest in developing the sport, he went to an organizational meeting in August of 1987 in Penticton, B.C. That led to the launch of Triathlon Canada.

Gallo's impact is strong especially in Saskatchewan. He started the province's first triathlon club in Saskatoon in 1985. He was the key figure in starting the Saskatchewan Triathlon Association the same year.

He coaches triathlon. He is an international certified official and has helped to develop officials in the sport. He has been the director of the annual Bridge City triathlon competition in Saskatoon. He wrote and produced the provincial triathlon newsletter.

Internationally, Gallo was a major proponent of triathlon being added to the Olympics, starting in 2000.

CJ Katz, the former president of the Saskatchewan Triathlon Association, said of Gallo: "He genuinely celebrates the successes of everyone."