SSHoF logoTom Paterson

Athlete (1995)


Tom Paterson was born in Saskatoon in January, 1955, and joined the Youth Bowling Council program in 1965 where together with Brent Wignes, won the provincial YBC doubles and competed at the Canadian championships. He was on provincial high school boy's championship teams in 1969 and 1973.

Tom was on the national high school champions in 1973 and was the YBC Majors singles champion in 1978. He was gold medalist in the National Open singles in 1983, part of Saskatchewan's gold-medal winning men's team in 1983 and gold medalist in the Canadian Master Bowlers championships in 1985. Twice Tom finished second in the Canadian Masters singles.

Tom has appeared on The Sports Network's Skins Game twice and the CBC championship bowling series once. On the money tournament tour, he has won tournaments in Calgary, Mission City, Edmonton, Red Deer, Kelowna and twice in North Battleford.

During his 34-year career, his high single games have been 448, 447 and 440 and his highest seasonal average has been 294. He has been a prime teacher of bowling, first with YBC, then as director and founder of the Saskatchewan Youth Bowling School and also as author of Technique Bowling The Five Pin Bowler's Guide.