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Athlete (1988)


Lawrence Curly WoodheadCurly Woodhead excelled in the art of springboard diving and when he wasn't working on his intricate moves he was a leader corps member of the YMCA. Curly dove only during the summer months sharpening his skills at the Avenue H Riversdale Pool.Curly and some of his friends constructed the springboard. In 1932, the Saskatchewan branch of the Canadian Amateur Swimming Association was formed. At its first meet in Moose Jaw, Curly won the men's championship, a title that he held for 10years.

In December 1937, although he hadn't practiced since July, Woodhead placed fourth in the three-metre event when the British Empire Games trials were held in Vancouver. Curly had nine dives in his repertoire, including a reverse somersault in layout position, and a forward two and on-half somersault. He also spent a great deal of time working with other young divers and passing on his knowledge to them. His influence and reputation set the goal for other divers.

** Deceased