Saskatoon Sports Hall of Fame

Saskatoon Field House, 2020 College Drive, (306) 664-6744

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Saskatoon has been well represented on the national, international and Olympic stages. Our athletes and teams have stood on medal podiums around the world. These achievements were made possible through the commitment of many coaches and supporters behind the scenes.

Quakers. Hilltops. Catherwood. Howe. Landa. Garvie. Ramblers. These names are just a few of the over 300 athletes, teams and builders that have been inducted in to the Saskatoon Sports Hall of Fame since its inception in 1986. Take a stroll through our online home to visit or revisit memories of these proud sportsmen and women...

Applications for Saskatoon Sports Hall of Fame

Anyone wishing to drop off an application for the Saskatoon Sports Hall of Fame by the deadline of April 1st, by mail to this address of 217 Simon Fraser Cres, Saskatoon, S7H 3T3 or drop off at the same address.

New Board Members

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Nomination Deadline

The deadline for nominations is April 1st annually, however, nominations are accepted at any time. Nomination forms and information on eligibility is available here. Nominations remain on file for a period of three years.

Inductee Database

As of now, all our inductees are part of a database and can be searched for by name. To do this, click on the INDUCTEES tab on the above menu and enter the name you are looking for in the search bar.

Constitution and Bylaws

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